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Renaissance is a brand new falls prevention programme using movement and strength training in a completely different way. This programme supports participants to explore their own range of movement and strength development, as we are all different and all need different things to survive and thrive. It is also fun, challenging, engaging and unique. The programme has been designed for vulnerable adults living in Sheltered Accommodation, but is also being developed for other audiences and participants.

The programme has been developed over the past year, and the most recent iteration of the work has been the a research programme looking at the movement of the programme, measuring changes in that movement and participation engagement. We have been working with immersive technologies and with partners from Plymouth to Bristol and Bath.

We have been supported on this journey by the South West Creative Technology Network, Arts Council England South West and the Innovation in Healthy Ageing (ERDF) programme.

Image - Loving Grace + Accelerometers

Christopher Hunt and Benjamin Dunks

Renaissance is a movement and strength based Falls prevention programme for Vulnerable Adults

Image - Loving Grace + Accelerometers

Christopher Hunt and Benjamin Dunks




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